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Got To Dance 2011 Series 2 Episode 1 audition videos, guide and tweets

Got to Dance on Sky One is back, so we’ve brought you an dancer-by-dancer rundown of the first episode, plus live tweets pulled from Twitter.

Dancers need a minimum score of two gold stars from the judges Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia to get through to the live quarter finals. There’s only one chance when you Got to Dance!

For full show results, see our Got to Dance episode one results page on AllStreetDance.

The show opened to self taught freestyle dancer Happiness promising “an energy from within the soul” through her audition – also her first public performance.

Happiness Got to Dance audition

All but Adam Garcia originally gave a gold star, who later changed his mind after she admitted she spent 34 years of her life choreographing it with Kimberly Wyatt having to throw her rule book out the window.

Razzle Dazzle from Belfast – according to Ashley Banjo their house section “killed it,” but let’s face it, their house was stiff.

Between feature auditions the VTs showed some of the worst trials.

Tom Sargeant’s tense contemporary audition and first time performance might have lacked the depth of emotion it potentially could have, but his story doesn’t end on a low as Adam Garcia turned up at his house to award him with a £1,000 Got to Dance bursary in order to train in dance.

Next up enter the cutesy Tamara who has been dancing since age three seeking feedback from Kimberly Wyatt with a coach full of friends and family. Asking Davina to wear a cowgirl hat for good luck, Adam Garcia described her performance as “explosive” awarding three gold stars.

During another VT 17 year old Natalie Lennie was awarded three golds, as was Streetomedy, who is Twist and Pulse’s spin off group, Kimberly commenting on their performance: “I didn’t just like it, I absolutely loved and adored it.”
There’s also a very quick clip of Pop C and Diva J.

Duo, with their own customised T-shirts, was an absolute fail for dance hoping to push out their unique style of ‘street hop’ leaving Kimberly questioning “Are you serious?!” describing it as “mediocre at best.”

Duo Got to Dance audition

Watch out for their supporters nodding in agreement in the post audition interview.

QMX started the next set of VTs dedicated to street dance who “demolished the dance floor.”

A hunch tells me they’ve been on Move Like Michael Jackson, so they must have passed the closing act, Trilogy before.

This was a rather tepid start to a series. Where were the senior shown in the opening clips? The oldest dancer was 34 this episode (the average age was 18). Too many cute faces? Critics are very quick to judge the show on it’s pre-teen appeal, so can it improve? We’ll find out in Got to Dance episode two.

Got to Dance live tweet results

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