About TooMuchFlavour

“2MF stands for Too Much Flavour, an exclusively online magazine dedicated primarily to hip hop and street dance, with the elements of hip hop at the core of its values.”

About TooMuchFlavourWritten by dancers, TooMuchFlavour is an exclusively online magazine dedicated to street dance styles, with the elements of hip hop at the heart of what it does.

Tired of misconceptions the mainstream media portray about hip hop dance and culture, TooMuchFlavour was founded to give dancers and fans of dance somewhere to go for the latest news in the hip hop dance world.

TooMuchFlavour pushes the culture forward instead of dismissing it as a passing trend, bringing you news, reviews and exclusive interviews with the the dancers of past and present.

TooMuchFlavour receives no funding and is run independently.

About the editor

B-boy in heart, writer in mind, Dave “The Flave” Barros left university with a bachelor’s degree in New Media Journalism and a mind full of ideas with nowhere to show them.

Frustrated by the lack of support from people already in magazines, yet encouraged by family and friends, Dave took action and put his ideas to work by founding the Too Much Flavour website.

TooMuchFlavour was an idea that started as a university magazine project that expanded into a personal vision to inform others about the dance scene in the UK and worldwide.


Our other services

We’re in the process of recruiting and building a team of experts to help you meet your needs in dance.

If you have any specialty skills in any of the areas listed below and wish to be added as a partner of TooMuchFlavour, please email info@toomuchflavour.co.uk for consideration.

We offer the following services, contacts and advice on the below areas. Please email for info

Copy writing and reviews
Dance classes
Music editing
Video editing
Studio rental

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