Nike Blazer voted best shoe to dance in (by us) #JDHeroes #BlazerJD


2012 has been the year of the Nike Blazer. Seriously. We haven’t been to a jam this year where the oxidised white sole were not to be found tearing up the dance floor. The JD in JD Sports may as well stand for Just Dance. So why do dancers love them so much?


The clean lines, bold swoosh and strong colour ways were there from when the shoe was first issued in 1972 and the modern editions offer a rainbow choice of colour ways and textures – suede, leather, canvas and nylon – it’s no wonder that every dancer seems to find a Blazer that’s just right for them.
The Blazer Vintage reissue series that dancers have come to love started in 2009 and with designer and artist collaborations from Liberty to Tinie Tempah helping celebrate the iconic kicks’ 40th anniversary there’s still plenty of life left in the Blazer yet.

So is it just the colour way combination that means you can match your kicks to your snapback? Or does the Blazer have more appeal for the dancer in the street? If they are the ultimate streetdance kick for you then vote for them to be crowned king.

We thought it was just a fashion thing until we took our first pair for a spin. Now it’s clear that the Blazer is here to stay in the dancer’s wardrobe. The flat grippy sole is flexible and the shoe is light enough for all styles from house to breaking to krump.  And the breathable padded nylon tongue helps keep your feet smelling as fresh as they look.  Not that we get sweaty feet. Ever.  Honest.

Is the Nike Blazer your favourite shoe for dancing in? Vote for your favourite on the JD Sports website!

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