Got To Dance 2011 Series 2 Episode 2 audition videos, guide and tweets


Got to Dance on Sky One is back, so we’ve brought you an dancer-by-dancer rundown of the second episode, plus live tweets pulled from Twitter.

Got to Dance on Sky One is back for 2011, kicking off with a double bill today, so we’ve brought you an dancer-by-dancer rundown of episode two,  plus live tweets pulled from Twitter.

Auditions for Got to Dance took place around the UK inside traveling dancing domes with dancers needing a minimum score of two gold stars from the judges Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia to get through to the live quarter finals.

For full show results, see our Got to Dance episode two results page on AllStreetDance.

Eruption, from South Wales, who we saw at Enter the Battle, was the first act.
Crew member Jack Bradshaw auditioned last year as a solo act but didn’t manage to qualify. Since being unable to continue dancing at his nearest dance school with the financial burden of his mother’s illness he was offered a scholarship with Eruption, who performed a well staged show opening performance, even if the music was a little commercial for street.

Video: Eruption Got to Dance audition

Dubliners Sean and Stacey only united for Got to Dance five weeks ahead of the show, but the contemporary duet has been the most powerful performance to be given air time so far – we need to see more of this.
Adam Garcia agrees, who described it as “extraordinarily beautiful” and “the perfect combination of partnership.”

Identical twins Karson and Kiara kicked off the next VTs with three stars, and also Adam Sorrel, who appears to have done some powerful contemporary, but it was cut short in the editing process.

The first tug on audience heartstrings is 6 year old Theo, the Mini King of Pop who has a career set up from him whether or not he wins – he’s got his own business cards!
Inspired after watching the west end show Thriller he claims to be Michael Jackson’s replacement.

Video: Mini King of Pop Got to Dance audition

Originally only Ashley gave a gold star, influencing Adam to give another star, finally adding a third from Kimberly after being told the entire performance was freestyled.

Back 2 Back given a big build up were pleasingly not all talk, mixing street and bhangra, which was surprisingly refreshing and unique.

Video: Back 2 Back audition

Typically in talent show style, the good act led on to the worst audition. The Infamous Ranj didn’t manage to fuse Indian with burlesque, while AJ Sensation both made a fool of himself and broke the unspoken rule of mixing a song every few bars.

Gingerbread Man, an offspring of Urban Jokers turned on the waterworks when given only one star, although his performance looked a little too Salah inspired to be original… His performance suits Britain’s Got Talent more than a dance show.

Video: The Gingerbread Man Got to Dance audition

Damhsa Dreams: What would you do if your mother said “I’d like to impress Adam Garcia because I could show him some dancing. Alone.”? I’d feel sick before heading out.

Ashley going for gimmicks with a six year old dancer (and later not realising Gingerbread Man isn’t anything new)? Already I’m expecting to see him on the next Diversity tour.
Episode two actually had fewer auditions than the first, but the addition of a side story with Tom Sargeant from the last episode was a nice touch.
Getting up on stage in front of your daughter? A little embarrassing considering how many people will see the show – am cringeing.
It does seem a little kiddy-centric still, but it’s early days yet.

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