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TooMuchFlavour » Uncategorized » Coming soon: Lyrix Organix October at Rich Mix

Coming soon: Lyrix Organix October at Rich Mix

Lyrix Organix is back for Autumn on 23 October since the last show at The Queen’s Head in August. This time the venue is much bigger, taking place at Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

Headlining the first Lyrix Organix at Rich Mix will be music and spoken word from Ed Sheeran, Dizraeli and his live band The Small Gods, and Sarah Sayeed.

Video: Dizraeli – Lyrix Organix Freestyle

Notting Hill based Graffik will showcase graffiti, and for the first time at one of their own events, Lyrix Organix will also include fashion, with Primo Designs and trainer customisation from BV80.

Lyrix Organix at Rich Mix line up

Dizraeli & the Small Gods
Ed Sheeran with surprise guests
Sarah Sayeed
Graffik London
Primo designs
Medecins sans Frontieres

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