Young MC: Stone Cold Rhymin’ review


There was an era in hip hop when it was all about the lyrics and getting down. These days MCs seem to forget that which is why nobody has the title ‘MC’ to their name, and turntables are only used by the elite few.

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young-mc-stone-cold-rhyminWay back in 1989 dance floors exploded with hype activity when Young MC was spun on the turntables. His lyrics were both catchy and sophisticated, and the beats made you move your feet no matter how much you tried not to. Ask any old school head about Know How and they’re sure to reminisce of the ridiculously energetic battles they will have encountered on the dance floor.
But a rapper can’t just be remembered by the masses for a one hit dance floor wonder. Stone Cold Rhymin’ propelled Young MC into the spotlight, particularly in the b-boy community for having big break beats (Know How was produced by the Dust Bros, responsible for the soundtrack on the film Fight Club), yet his lyrical content has been overlooked. Take for example Fastest Rapper, a single verse, rapped acapella at an incredible rate.

Young MC put it down back in the day stating clearly his style was not to be messed with. Young even managed to get the talent of Quincy Jones Jr. to produce the anti-drug anthem Just Say No.

Since dropping Stone Cold Rhymin’ Young MC has disappeared into the underground.

It’s hard to pick holes in Stone Cold Rhymin’. Managing to slip in to the scene around the time NWA were about to take over the West Coast with gangsta rap, the message of the album doesn’t have any negative vibes. Put it up there with Fresh Prince, only with an emphasis on tight lyrics, and you get the idea.

Overall, it holds itself as a well-rounded album with a good mix of party tunes and story telling rhymes, in true old school rebel fashion. Buy it and spread the message.

Break to these: Know How, Bust A Move

Verdict: Does exactly what it says on the box! Cop it now.

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