Vauxhall Beatbox Championships – Reeps One wins again


In one of the best battles witnessed in the history of the Beatboxing Championships, Reeps One narrowly clinched the title of champion for the second time in a row. See results inside.

In what was a showdown between two titan beatboxers there could only one winner.

vauxhall-beatbox-finals-2010-reeps-hobbitIn one of the best battles witnessed in the history of the Beatboxing Championships, Reeps One narrowly clinched the title of champion for the second time in a row.

It was down to the finest details that decided who won, but Reeps and opponent Hobbit put all friendship behind them in order to win the keys to a new Vauxhall Corsa.

“Stig said my name and my face imploded!” Reeps One recalled after his win. “To the point of the same gravitational force of a white dwarf within the galaxy and the universe. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen. It was very, very intense and amazing.”

New rules introduced meant that battles between beatboxers continued the moment the first competitor left off, and the smooth transition worked well. The evening opened with the wild card battles, another new introduction whittled down competitors that qualified in the regionals for a second chance at victory.

Did the wildcard format work? Archangel, the organiser of the championships commented: “The new free-flowing battle format kept the energy on a constant high, and the atmosphere was incredible. Not to mention the competitors, who all really brought their A-game. We also saw them display much more in-your-face battle tactics which really ramped up the entertainment as they forced each other to do better.”

The competitiveness was indeed high, and so were the insults, sometimes getting personal (Pikey Esquire). While all the competitors returned to their normal camaraderie afterwards, the grudge matches were huge.  A showdown at semi final stage between last year’s South East champion, Layth, against last year’s South East runner up, Reeps One, had the audience and judges divided going into extra rounds.

It was the same for final, leaving everyone in suspense over who would take home the title (and the keys to a new car). During  a two-minute, two round final, Reeps One mixed in the classic hip hop sample of “ah yeah!” in his set, to which Hobbit responded “No!” in his round. Reeps’ chatter (quiet beatboxing) was incredibly detailed and a gargled KRS One sample. Hobbits came back with his laughing scratch, which regulars will recognise from his showcases.

After the two exhaustive rounds the audience was on Hobbit’s side by a smidgeon, but the judges were split in their decision, leaving it to a final one minute round.

There could only be one winner. After asking TyTe, one third of the judging panel what decided the winner, he replied with one word: consistency.

Vauxhall Beatbox Championships: Detailed results

Round One
FuNktion v Layth

Round Two
YasSon v Lucas The Beatbox

Round Three
Unome v Reeps One

Round Four
Pikey Esquire v Hobbit

Layth vs Reeps One
yasSon vs Hobbit

3rd Place
YasSon vs Layth (Layth wins 3rd place)

Reeps One vs Hobbit

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