Review: Live Vibe March 2010 at the Lilian Baylis Theatre


Live Vibe logoThe 2010 season of Live Vibe opened to a chilled out audience anticipating its fresh opening in the Lilian Baylis Studio. First up was Impact Dance with choreography from Stephanie Freeman. They left the stage nice and warm ready for Mr Impact, Hakeem Onibudo. who continued to work his hosting magic.

Mike Hough entered with a captivating vocal. He’s come along way from showcasing his talents on his own YouTube Channel producing a vocal maturity many his age would struggle with. So when I say watch this space…I mean it! Listen out for him on your airwaves.

This seasons Live Vibe has a theme: Elements. A mixture of youth dance and semi professional companies have been charged with choreographing pieces representing Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. Exodus was the first up with a fiery piece that showcased the Earth element. Just Us performed a moving solo where his body did the most amazing talking in the form of contemporary dance. But First place went to Recreation UK who with their mix of ballet and contemporary wowed the judges enough to secure a place at the Summer Live Vibe at the Peacock Theatre.

A new form of spoken word has touched down. Call it what you want: Text to Dance, Movement to Word…whatever! It works! Paradigmz, resident Dancehall instructor at Danceworks, worked his lyrical charm whilst a host of volunteers moved in unison to his lyricism.

Santino managed to climb high into his upper register to deliver an impressive version of Something Special by Usher. He then brought it down a few keys to sing I Think Its Time the World Knew About Santino. His vocal were tight and with the self confidence to match I’m sure he’s ready for the world. A true self styled entertainer.

Daniella B Larson and Robert Guy displayed an intricate piece first seen at Two’s A Company 2010. With the use of two pillows they captured the highs and lows of a typical couple trying to get a good nights sleep! The piece was quite lengthy and surely has the capacity to be developed and explored further. Very original, funny and entertaining.

A 5Vibe discussion brought out the best and worst one liners from its audience / special guest panel where Michael Jackson’s effect on dance was up for serious (or not so serious), discussion. The show soon came to a close after the stage was opened up for those brave enough to step to the open mike which saw some poetry and singing.

Finally it was time for the ever reliable Mikey J to present his musical wizardry to the audience before the end of the night. So the next Live Vibe is Saturday 17 April.

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