B-Boy Morris – solo b-boy

Morris (solo b-boy)

Morris was last year’s solo champion after his power moves defeated his opponents (including an explosive battle between him and Lilou, see below). The pressure is on for him to defend his title this year, especially against the likes of our next dancer who knocked him out at the semi final of 2009’s Red Bull BC One.

Next dancer: B-Boy Lilou

Morris v Lilou – UK B-Boy Championships 2009

3 thoughts on “B-Boy Morris – solo b-boy

  1. My name is Kendall. I am a junior in high school and a hobby of mine is graphic design. I am creating an ad for a competition and would like to get the permissions to use the photo located above. Thanks!

    1. We don’t own this image. To obtain permission to use the image try contacting Morris’ UK agent at Pro-Dance.co.uk. We also have images on our Facebook Page of Morris and other b-boys.

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