A summary to street dance in 2011: on TV, on stage, on film and rumours


We know there’s hype in street dance coming up in 2011. Here’s are a mix of definites and almost-confirmed rumours for TV, movies, theatre and events.

It’s finally here: 2011! 2010 seems like a year ago, leaving behind a legacy of the UK’s first street dance movie, Animaineax managing to appear in two BBC shows at the same time by moving like Michael Jackson, thinking we can dance and knowing we’ve Got to Dance, Diversity and Flawless telling us to chase the dream, the last we’ll see of Into The Hoods just as it took on a new cast member. You must be asking…

What’s to look forward to in street dance for 2011?

Knowing what we know, we know there’s a fair amount of hype in street dance coming up. These are a mix of definites and almost-confirmed rumours. Don’t take everything you read here as fact, just use it as a guide to what’s going on. As soon as we get full confirmation about the rumours we’ll update the information!

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Got to Dance Series 2

January means that the TV schedules are due to fill up with scores of dance shows. Are we (as a nation) still mad about dance? It’s down to Got To Dance, the first talent show of the year to set the standard. They’ve double-and-a-halfed the prize money to £250,000 but with no minimum age limit for entry will the tears also equal tantrums?

Plus don’t forget Got To Dance Live at the ExCel Centre, London. Relive the experience of the show straight after it’s finished!

Got to Dance insider:
“We kicked their arses. BBC don’t want to go head-to-head with us this year, so they’re doing So You Think in March.”

Serious About Street Dance 2011

Every year Kymberlee Jay holds a huge bash at Indigo2 where everyone who’s anyone in street turns up to showcase, freestyle, and have a good time. But wait! Since last year Kymberlee’s got her fingers in other pies – one of them being music. An intimate show at Bar Rumba last summer showcased her artist roster, including YouTube sensation Mike Hough.

So will Serious About Streetdance 2011 mean ‘seriously, street, but while the next act changes into costume, here’s a little music?’ As ever with Kymberlee’s shows, we anticipate the line up!

So You Think You Can Dance

Nigel Lythgoe, Arlene Philips and yet-to-be confirmed other panellists are returning to the BBC’s adult audience dance show that tests individual dancers’ abilities. Last year finalists Tommy Franzén and Lizzie Gough managed to divide show commitments with the start of Blaze (Mark Calape was in later stages of the tour), meanwhile winner Charlie Bruce is now in the West End’s production of Dirty Dancing.

“A new street dance show featuring the UK’s top acts is coming to London’s Southbank.”

Breakin’ Convention 2011

As this is being typed, and if my memory serves me correctly, Jonzi D is on his way to Australia for a few months to do an Oz version of Breakin’ Convention in Sydney.
With Breakin’ Convention having been the platform that many dancers have launched their career with (Streetdance 3D = half of former Breakin’ Convention performers!), what will be in store this year?

One of the many street dance championships are said to be in talks with Channel 4 to show the finals on TV!

Streetdance 2: London Waterloo

Awful, teenage marketed, cheesy popular culture love story. But that didn’t stop Streetdance 3D becoming the success that it was with helpings of pop music in the soundtrack to help shift teen music.
Either way, the real success is this: The UK’s top dancers and choreographers are recognised the world over, and that is incredible!

Streetdance 2 details remain sketchy, but what we do know is this: There’s to be a ‘Latin twist’ to the storyline and the lead characters names are Ash and Eva. It will also be set in a different location with a different cast, but Ashley Banjo is set to have a ‘bigger role’ in the sequel. Continuity?

Streetdance insider:
“I’m a bit upset that they’ve put Latin in it, I just feel like it’s a Step Up 2. Step Up 2 did the same thing.”

Some Like It Hip Hop

If there’s one thing Kate Prince is good at doing it’s being able to blend classical text with hip hop theatre. Some Like It Hip Hop is the street dance twist on Some Like It Hot, plus they’ve recruited the help of Tommy Franzén, Carrie Anne Ingrouille and Ryan Chappell for choreography.

This is new ground for ZooNation: Into the Hoods has become their most successful work so far. Can they better it?
Some Like It Hip Hop is previewing at Sadler’s Wells: Sampled

If you’ve seen performances of the ZooNation ZooYouth performing recently at Live Vibe, you have in fact been watching early work from the new show.

What else?

That can’t be it, can it? No. Also in 2011:
Streetdance XXL qualifiers will take place at Move It 2011

Juste Debout UK
A street dance group (no, not Diversity) has recorded its showreel in 3D
Flawless is taking Chase the Dream on a 60 date national tour
B-boy documentary NG83 is to get a Spring 2011 release – why not donate to the cause?
George Sampson’s autobiography

… Plus loads more we have yet to find out!

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Happy New Year from TooMuchFlavour!

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  1. Wales streetdance championships will take place in May, at the Wales millennium center with judges Basil Pepperpot, Soopa Jay and Blue boy crew and guest dj Jaffa… The event is to find this years IDO Wales squad and lead 200 dancers to the world champs in Austria

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