Streetdance 2 – Lil Steph (Stephanie Nguyen)

Streetdance 2 - Lil Steph (Stephanie Nguyen)

Lil Steph

Stephanie Nguyen is the only supporting cast member to be invited back for Streetdance 2 after an online poll decided she should return (although we believe it’s thanks to a report on AllStreetDance about the popularity of dancers in Streetdance 3D).
Despite having no spoken dialogue in the last film as Frankie’s girlfriend, it’ll be interesting seeing what lies ahead for her in this sequel. And how their relationship panned out!

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11 thoughts on “Streetdance 2 – Lil Steph (Stephanie Nguyen)

  1. I really like Steph and watching her dance and I’m glad she’s in the next one, but it would make it way better to have all the other characters in it aswell.

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