Streetdance 2 – B-Boy Just Do It (Niek Traa)

Streetdance 2 - B-Boy Just Do It (Niek Traa)

Just Do It

Niek Traa, or B-Boy Just Do It (no relation to Nike) is another Red Bull BC One competitor and UK B-Boy Championships veteran repping Rugged Solutions from Holland.
Himself and Lilou have battled in the past, so however they end up teaming up in the sequel will be interesting.
We spoke to him a while back. In our our short interview he said that if he wasn’t a dancer, he told us, he’d be dead in a gutter.
Watch the full interview below.

Video: Interview with B-Boy Just Do It

Next dancer in Streetdance 2: Sofia Boutella (lead character, Eva)

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