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TooMuchFlavour » Featured, UK B-Boy Championships » Who are the dancers in the UK B-Boy Championships 2010 poster?

Who are the dancers in the UK B-Boy Championships 2010 poster?

There are virtually hundreds of dancers in the Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships 2010 poster thanks to the extensive Photoshopping it went through during its production (as detailed in a blog from the day of the B-Boy Championships photoshoot). To make life easier we’ve compiled a handy guide to all of the main dancers with a short biography about them to give you a crash introduction to the 2010 B-Boy Championships poster.

Update! Results for the UK B-Boy Championships 2010 can be found here!

As a general guide, the poster consists mainly of the Funkstlyerz Worldwide dancers and members of the Soul Mavericks, La Familia, Foundationz and Mighty Zulu Kings with Plague as extra characters – some dancers represent more than one crew or group.

Who’s in the UK B-Boy Championships 2010 poster?

Click a thumbnail for details of each of the dancers:

Note: While we’ve done our best to be as accurate as possible, if you notice any mistakes, drop us a line – info @

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