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TooMuchFlavour » Beatboxing, Featured » Britain’s Got Talent Virgin Media Talent School – Killa Kela beatboxing advert [sponsored]

Britain’s Got Talent Virgin Media Talent School – Killa Kela beatboxing advert [sponsored]

Who is the beatboxer in the Virgin Media Talent School during Britain’s Got Talent? Don’t we know him from somewhere? Of course – it’s Killa Kela! And he’s starring on ITV1 and ITV2 during each of the ad breaks for the next few weeks

Killa Kela is the star of a series of Virgin Media Talent School ads (or idents to give them their proper name) that take place between the ad breaks on Britain’s Got Talent.

The Virgin Media Talent School ads are part of a series of online video shorts by Virgin Media who are sponsoring the contest where a range of artists and customers talk about their particular talent to the camera, and have also featured dancer Lizzie Gough.

Watch Lizzie Gough in Virgin Media Talent School advert (on All Street Dance)

Killa Kela sprung to mind as the most relevant of the acts in the ads for Too Much Flavour – having been around in the beatboxing scene for a while it was great to see him represent beatboxing on the idents, along with a few other cool talents from the rest (dancing, yo-yoing, basketball tricks), talking about his career and his influences including Rahzel and surprisingly Bobby McFerrin!

Killa Kela beatboxing facts

  • Killa Kela’s real name is Lee Potter
  • DJ Vadim is credited as discovering him after Kela sent a tape of himself boxing to Vadim’s record label
  • He was given the name Killa Kela by the Rocksteady Crew
  • What does KELA stand for? “Kill.Every.Lip.Action.”
  • If you consider mixtapes and EPs he’s released 15 albums since 2000, the most recent being Amplified! in 2010
  • He dated Patsy Kensit!
  • Cretins often misspell his name as ‘Killa Kella’

Killa Kela’s website is

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