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Tommy Franzen and Lizzie Gough interview: Blaze the Streetdance Sensation

Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation burst onto the stage of the West End in March this year, starting at the Peacock Theatre before continuing to tour Europe, drawing audiences to theatres across Holland to see the show. Many watched Blaze for its fashion-driven take on street dance, and glossy, high end production, while those in the UK who had been watching the BBC’s So You Think You Can Dance also came to see the two show’s finalists perform: Lizzie Gough and Tommy Franzén.

Shoes review at Sadler’s Wells – A dance show for more than just sneaker addicts

Shoes: a glamorous show dedicated to women’s footwear, sponsored by a woman’s magazine. It’s definitely not a review you would expect to see on TooMuchFlavour. It’s more high heels than hip hop. But the hook, the big sell, with Shoes is that Zoonation’s Kate Prince was responsible for several routines in the show while reuniting as choreographer with several contestants from this year’s So You Think You Can Dance and one of the dancers from Streetdance 3D. Unexpected, or just defying the far-reaching boundaries of street dance?