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TooMuchFlavour » UK B-Boy Championships » Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships 2010 world finals report and results – Vagabonds crew champions

Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships 2010 world finals report and results – Vagabonds crew champions


The Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships has crowned France’s Vagabonds crew champions 2010.

The Vagabonds defeated 2008 champions Top 9 of Russia in the final of the crew battles, although B-Boy Flying Buddha of from Top 9 scored a point for the Russians against French Algerian Lilou in the solo b-boy category.

Vagabonds crew

And if the names in the opening of this report wasn’t enough to excite you, those who were knocked out of the 2010 UK B-Boy Championships were just as big.

Past popping champions were invited back for the 15th anniversary of the championships, and Sally Sly and Salah’s qualifying for the world finals proved they were still hungry to reclaim their title, as were the audience to watch Salah’s tricks, including an unexpected illusion of making his hat levitate from off his head.

Personal opinion dictates Salah should have taken the title for assuming three different personas in his battles (and robotic poppers need characters!), but the title went to France’s Nelson.

Canada’s locking 2 on 2 battles were the funkiest seen in a while. Flocky and Rae had some immense routines up their sleeves, and a ‘came to win’ attitude that deservedly earned them the title of champions.

B-Boy Lilou and B-Boy Menno (2007 champion) were another two big names for the b-boy solo battles.
Defending champion Morris was defeated at the knockout stage on Saturday leaving the title open for a new champion.

Lilou met his match in the final of the solos against the Top 9’s Flying Buddha. The audience disagreed with the judge’s choice by booing, although Buddha’s footwork over Lilou’s emphasis on air threads is probably what swung the judge’s vote if it came down to foundation moves.

B-Boy crew battles

As usual the crew battles were a huge affair, with some almost coming to blows between dancers. Firstly, trying to keep as objective in opinion as possible, the UK’s Soul Mavericks brought their game this year, giving Mighty Zulu Kingz a run for their money in the quarter finals.

Throughout the early stages of the crew battles some impressive tricks and layouts were exectuted from Found Nation and Vagabonds to try and gain the upper hand against their rivals, but the reality of the risks taken when executing stunts became real when B-Boy Kaka of Brazil’s Amazon Crew landed on his head after a misjudged flip.

Top 9 were also given a hard time by Japan’s Found Nation with some well executed routines and a tight 3 votes to 2 judging call, a close result that could have changed the course of the competition en route to the final.

But it was Top 9 who emerged winners to face Vagabonds in the final. Vagabonds’ unity as a crew took it for the crowd and for the judges.

Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships 2010 full results

Results from Saturday’s UK B-Boy Championships knock out jam can be found here.

Winning crews are highlighted in bold with the judge’s votes show next to the crew names where available. Breaking had five judges, other disciplines had three.

Solo b-boy results

Semi finals
Robin v Lilou 1 x x 2
Flying Buddha v Menno 4-1

Solo b-boy finals
Lilou v Flying Buddha

Popping battle results

Semi finals
Greenteck v Salah x-2
Sally Sly v Nelson 1-2

Popping battle finals
Salah v Nelson

2 on 2 locking results

Locking semi finals
Bitterbox Sisters
v Du and Laquiste
Flocky and Rae
v Germany

Locking finals
Flocky and Rae v Bitterbox Sisters

B-boy crew results

Vagabonds v Amazon Crew 5-0
Mighty Zulu Kingz v Soul Mavericks 2-3
Extraordinary Gentlemen v Dynamic Rockers 0-5
Top 9 v Found Nation 3-2

Semi finals
Vagabonds v Soul Mavericks
Top 9 v Dynamic Rockers 4-1

v Top 9

Spice Gizzirls defeated the Europeans for the 3 on 3 b-girl battles.

Gravity of America’s Dynamic Rockers won the seven to smoke battles, and Kid Glyde, also from Dynamic Rockers, won the IBE footwork battles.

B-Boy Mounir of Vagabonds was selected for the DJ Leacy Chief Rocker award.

All results are as accurate as possible when published. For any errors or misspelling of a crew or dancers’ names, please leave a comment in the box below.

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