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TooMuchFlavour » Fashion, Featured » Shoeture sneaker accessories for your laces – #WantHooks? #NeedTangs!

Shoeture sneaker accessories for your laces – #WantHooks? #NeedTangs!

Pow. Check these out. Shoeture sneaker accessories that replace your laces. Or as we like to call them: lace grills.

Back when we were reporting at the iDance UK Hip Hop Championships and hanging with the Poreotics we noticed a new fresh trend. Bars of gold and gunmetal across people’s laces. What were these things?

At first it looked like Poreotics had scored a unique trainer sponsorship deal like most popular dance groups do, but then saw others had them. Maybe everyone had been on a mass Footlocker visit? We weren’t too sure.

Since then we’ve done some investigating and discovered that they’re sneaker accessories produced by a company called Shoeture. Shoeture is the height of high end sneaker couture (or has the ability to make mid-range sneakers look a lot flashier!). AND the b-boys are down with them.

Shoeture White hooksIt turns out they ‘lace grills’ have their own names too. They go hooks (the bars – click the image, right, for a better look), tangs (diagonal laces), pins (for the thread holes near the tongue) and kings (giant emblems).

While pins and kings aren’t uncommon accessories it’s the hooks and tangs that caught our attention.

For all we know they’re a solution to having to tie our laces ever again, that’s how fresh they are. They even come with a video guide to start you on your journey and help you fit them to your laces. Here it is in action:

Shoeture has just arrived in the UK and don’t appear to be available in stores, only online. But we predict it won’t be long before Footlocker and other urban boutiques stock them.

#WantHooks? #NeedTangs? It looks like Shoeture have got them.

The Shoeture UK online store is open now at

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