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TooMuchFlavour » Beatboxing » New Music: The Boxettes ‘Free’ video

New Music: The Boxettes ‘Free’ video

We have a penchant for The Boxettes, and not least because they’re five of the most talented women in vocal music.

Since meeting them behind the scenes at BoxCon 2009 it was inevitable they would gain our following since blowing us away with their vocal abilities.

Since then we’ve seen them at Cargo with Jarvis Cocker, Rich Mix, B.Supreme, Rising Styles and the Boxettes at the Beatboxing Championships, as well as learning of their travels on the road during their UK tour via their Facebook page.

The Boxettes aren’t just your regular girl group though. They’re a fusion of classically trained vocals and beatboxing that create some amazing soundscapes.

You’ll recognise Bellatrix from the T-Mobile Welcome Home advert, or for Shlomo fans, several of the girls have been in the Vocal Orchestra.

This anticipated video (it really has been too long time coming) is a different approach to the style of song we’ve seen in the past, but stick with it – when you see the girls live they will blow you away.

Video: The Boxettes – Free

Free can be downloaded as an MP3 from for… free.

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