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Got to Dance 2011 winner – who should it be?

Trinity Warriors. Chris and Wes. Turbo (Issac Baptiste). And the rest (gymnasts masquerading as “dancers”). All in the Got to Dance 2011 final, and all worthy as winners. Tonight they’re going to have to dance like they’re worth £250,000 for your vote.

Throughout Got to Dance we’ve been asking readers to email in who they think should win the TV dance competition. While the judges may have been a little cutting with their remarks at times (read any of our weekly Got to Dance diaries for an idea), and the opinions have been varied. Here are some of the best, taken from before, during, and after the live semi finals, to illustrate how opinions might have changed.

Edit: The Got to Dance 2011 winners are Chris and Wes

For the record, the Got to Dance 2011 finalists are: Alleviate, Chris and Wes, Turbo, Dance Dynamix, Lauren, Two’s Company, Razzle Dazzle, and Trinity Warriors.

Who should be Got to Dance 2011 winners?

“I think Turbo should win got to dance this year. He has great understanding of music, technique in all styles of hip hop as well as great control and showmanship, as well as his natural ability and talent he is down to earth, humble and regularly gives back to the community and has trained alot of great dancers. He is a testimony to dance and lives it. Nuff Said!!!”
Bismark – 25

Video: Get to know… Turbo (YouTube)

“I think the dance group Razzle Dazzle should win as they are really cute and full of energy. They are also amazing dancers for their ages and I hope that they will do in the competition.”
Leanne – 16

Video: Razzle Dazzle Got to Dance 2011 audition

“I think Protocol should win because they are a small, tight crew that always stand up for themselves and do their own thing instead of falling for “the commercial dance” trap a lot of the other groups seems to be so very fond of. They are needed to keep things from being to streamlined! :-)”
Nafallo – 28

“I think that Back 2 Back should win because they’re soo Unique, you never see dance routines with two cultures merged into one routine. they did it with style 🙂 xx”
Priya – 15

Video: Back 2 Back Got to Dance audition

“I think that Cerebro should win Got To Dance because they are amazing dancers :)”
Hanna – no age provided

Video: Cerebro Ent (YouTube)

“i think “Turbo” should win this years GTD 2011! i think he is absolutely amazing! he is really flexible and VERY imaginative. every week he has different moves and new ides, he is really creative and even if he didn’t win, i hope he goes very far in life!”
Elisha – no age provided

“I think Turbo is very entertaining and is a worthy contender but i have to agree with Adam Garcia that not only is Octavia extremely talented but she is so enchanting that she manages to captivate an audience.”
Lian – 29

The Got to Dance 2011 final is on Sky One tonight. If you don’t have Sky then follow @allstreetdance on Twitter for updates from inside the studio!

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