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TooMuchFlavour » Uncategorized » Got To Dance 2011 Series 2 Episode 3 audition videos, guide and tweets

Got To Dance 2011 Series 2 Episode 3 audition videos, guide and tweets

Auditions for Got to Dance took place around the UK inside traveling dancing domes with dancers needing a minimum score of two gold stars from the judges Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia to get through to the live quarter finals.

For full show results, see our Got to Dance episode three results page on AllStreetDance.

What’s in this episode then? Kimberly loses her voice for the auditions! Ashley invites a group back!

There is nothing more annoying than when Got to Dance opens to a jokey gimmick dancer only for the entertainment of the viewer.

This week it’s 72 year old Shaggy lover Miss Boombastic. I’m happy that you can bump and grind in your seventies and there’s no upper age limit, but come on, try harder to draw me in when I first switch over! There’s another act they should have shown, which I’ll get to in a bit.

Video: Miss Boombastic Got to Dance audition

VTs and a series of gold stars follow, which includes a clip of Trinity Warriors, a crew who have been together and for years longer than TooMuchFlavour has followed them. We’ve seen them do a similar set to their audition at Regional Conflict last year and they blew us away: it was summarised into a 20 second clip. Unbelievable. The same with Bones a few clips later.

Tap Attack, as described by Adam Garcia, a tap dancer himself were “stroong tappers,” so why only a few shots of some footwork? Then straight to the ad break.

You can often spot contemporary dancers by their unique hair, and Ella is no exception!
Ella left Cornwall to live in London, staying in Travel Lodges with her parents, and she says all the right things to the camera.
Her audition, which she choreographed herself was exceptional, but which is why its strange for a contemporary dancer to choose to wear shoes.

Video: Ella Got to Dance audition

Over to another VT and why were Recycled Teenagers not switched for Miss Boombastic?
“Because you’re old you’re not cold,” said the leader of the group. Spot on! So where are the decent senior auditions? We should let equal opportunities (Diversity, get it?) judge comment on this: “79 – that’s past life expectancy.”

Self taught dancer Adam McMillan would rather leave his job as a joiner for dancing. His audition was so so. But wait! This week a dancer gets invited back – guuess who it is?

Now take note with the next group: if you want to win the judge’s vote 1) make sure your girls are eye candy 2) use a single that one of the judges released as a single.

The menacing undertones of 8 Mile serve as the soundtrack for Unik Dance versus Nancy dance off who must have felt absolutely gutted when their mum owned them on the dance floor. Better yet, if you pay close attention she even hits an invert in her step up on the beat and even does a headspring!

Post VT Adam McMillan is back. The question is why, if you can hold it down as a popper, why would you not audition doing that instead of a weak nu style? I smell a rat…

Video: Adam McMillan Got to Dance audition

Some things are getting a bit contradicting, like the ‘one dance, one chance’ catch line during the opening of the show, only for some dancers to be invited back for another chance. How does that work out? Episode 4 is up after the break…

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