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TooMuchFlavour » Live Vibe » Coming soon: Live Vibe at the Movies October 2010 at the Lilian Baylis Theatre

Coming soon: Live Vibe at the Movies October 2010 at the Lilian Baylis Theatre

The third heat of Hakeem Onibudo’s Live Vibe at the Movies returns to the Lilian Baylis Studio this Saturday with more performances from local and professional dance companies, as well as live music, spoken word and audience games.

Youth companies competing this month for a place in the Live Vibe West End finale in January 2011 are Exodus Dance, Ilford County High School and Psychotic Dance Company. Each group will present its interpretation of the ‘At the Movies’ theme in front of judges Bim Malcolmson and Duwane Taylor.

October’s Live Vibe coincides with the 15th anniversary of Impact Dance, Hakeem’s dance company, in which a number of special performances will be made from Impact Youth, Impact BTS (Behind the Scenes) and FFI (Fully Functioning Individuals), and guest appearance from Cindy Claes’ group, Spread Xpression.

Hakeem Onibudo commented “Impact Dance has such come a long way in 15 years, and yet new opportunities continue to present themselves to us every day. From humble beginnings as the Impact Show Cases back in 1999, Live Vibe has gone from strength to strength and has a dedicated following. The 16 October show’s exceptional line up of performances is the perfect way to reward that following for their loyalty and celebrate all that has been achieved since the company’s inception.”

As well as dance, there will be spoken word performances from Dylema (Do You Let Every Man Adapt?) and music from Jacqui Bennet.

Live Vibe at the Movies is at the Lilian Baylis Theatre on Saturday 16 October 2010
Performance at 7.30pm
Tickets: £10
Ticket office: 0844 412 4300

Live Vibe At The Movies October competitors


EXODUS’ street/hip-hop choreography is a hybrid mix of old school boogaloo, popping, locking and breaking styles with new school hip-hop and krump styles. EXODUS’ performances always seek to tell stories and illustrate themes. Their blend of humour, expressive emotions, tricks and stunts is backed by an eclectic modern soundtrack which features sounds from the fifties to the noughties.

Ilford County High School

All male group, Ilford County High School , has created a piece as a result of exploring the LIVE VIBE at the Movies theme in several dance workshops. It draws on various abstract themes and attempts to combine them with dance styles for example: the various activities which need to be completed before a movie premieres is replicated using dance style tutting.

Psychotic Dance Company

Psychotic Dance Company was established in 2007 and has enjoyed performances in many of London ’s key dance calendar events such as the Blueprint and London Youth Dance Day. The current ensemble has been rehearsing together at Kings Hall Leisure Centre in Hackney from the beginning of this year to produce interesting and versatile pieces.

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