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Coming soon: Enter the Battle at the Indigo2 – live street dance, extreme martial arts and freerunning

International dance battles and street dance showcases, extreme martial arts demonstrations and free running. The concept of the Enter the Battle at the Indigo2 is to bring together fans of street dancers, martial artists, b-boys (breakdancers) and trickers (stunts) together from across the UK for a unique competition and show that has the gloss of a live Britain’s Got Talent show, but with the authenticity of each discipline present.

Buy tickets for Enter the Battle 2010

While dance battles typically tend to stick to the same tried and tested formula, Enter the Battle is going to be an event that’s a gamble sure to pay off, pushing the boundaries of different urban genres closer together.

With the appeal for the hardcore adrenaline junkies evident drawing the best urban athletes from their respective disciplines to compete (see below), the special guest performances lined up from America’sDenmark’s and Britain’s Got Talent to entertain spectators between battles means it tick the boxes for all audience categories whether they come to see high-kicking Chloe Bruce and the Shaolin Monks, or the death defying stuntman Damien Walters instead of attending for the dance battles.

Video: Damien Walters Showreel 2010

Importantly too, the judges and presenters all come from a legitimate background in their discipline.

What will make Enter the Battle so unique is no one knows what will happen on the night. On stage breakers will showcase against martial artists and free runners, and people who come will be introduced to different urban cultures they might never have considered following. Some people reading this might recognise certain names in the line up, but not others, which is what makes bringing together the different cultures and disciplines so interesting.

Enter the Battle Competitions

The competition will be broken into three categories: Street dance crew battles where 15 crews will battle for a prize of £3,000; The One, with 16 breakers in a battle of endurance for £,1000; and Triple Threat, with an extreme martial artist, a b-boy and a tricker will battle each other using their respective disciplines for a prize of £2,000.

Hold on tight for the extensive line up…

Crew battles


Class Crew
Hype Juniors
New Veteranz
Funk Fatale

The One

The One battle is a last-man-standing battle between 16 of the world’s best b-boys who will be judged by early breaking pioneers, Steady, B-Boy Ivan and B-Boy Gabor.
All of the dancers have competed nationally and internationally, and since the UK B-Boy Championships last month, a lot of interest will be on the UK’s B-Boy Spin representing.
So far nine b-boys have been lined up.
The line up announced so far includes:
B-Boy Robin – Top 9
B-Boy El Nino – Flava Squad
B-Boy Chaos – SUP
B-Boy Chubbs – Enemy Squad
B-Boy Moustef
B-Boy Spin – Breakstation/La Famila
B-Boy Ma-Rock – Psycho Styles
B-Boy Jelly – Bad Taste Cru
B-Boy Mounir – Vagabonds
B-Boy Stepz – Neo Angelos
B-Boy Shortz – Style Hybrids
B-Boy Kazuki – MDK
B-Boy Silent – BirdGang

Triple Threat

In a completely new battle format a breaker, a martial artist and tricker will have to team up and compete in order to defeat their rival squad.
The breaker will dance and do power moves, the stunter will free run and flip, and the extreme martial artist will use live weapons to get the judges’ votes.
Crews announced so far include:
Team Elite
Stray Animalz
Trinity Warriors

Enter the Battle performances

Finally, the evening will also include performances from some of the biggest names in street dance and martial arts.

Akai (Winner Sky One’s Got To Dance)
Steady (Flawless)
The Robot Boys (Winners Denmark’s Got Talent)
Rhimes LeCointe (Streetdance 3D, Boy Blue)
Mr Steen (High Voltage Man, Denmark)
The Future Crew (Young B.Boy Sensations)
Ukweli Roach (Streetdance The Movie 3D)
Phax (Slow Motion Dancer, France)
B-Boy Ivan The Urban Action Figure (America’s Got Talent, U.S)
Big City Brains (Denmark)
ICE (Finalists Britain’s Got Talent)
DNA (Finalists Sky One’s Got To Dance)
Team Shaolin (Finalists Britain’s Got Talent)
Damien Walters (Stuntman Hellboy 2, Kick Ass)
The Bruce Sistaz (Team Fusion XMA)
Joe Hallett (Team Resurrection XMA)
Ryan Phillips (Team StageTrix XMA)

Enter the Battle is on the 28 November at the Indigo2 and tickets can be bought from Ticketmaster. Doors open at 4pm, show starts at 5pm.

The organisers are also running coach services for people to get to and from the venue from across the UK. Information on travel arrangements can be found on the Enter the Battle website.

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