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TooMuchFlavour is proud to present our unofficial Breakin’ Convention page, where you will find exclusive features and interviews with all the big names!


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Jonzi D presents Breakin' Convention 2010

Click to read the Breakin’ Convention 2010 review


Breakin’ Convention is the annual international festival of hip hop dance theatre at Sadler’s Wells, curated by Jonzi D, which includes workshops, freestyles, DJ demos, aerosol art and more, and features a line up of the world’s best hip hop acts performing over the May bank holiday weekend.

Breakin’ Convention 2009

2009’s headline acts included legendary oldschool breakers VII Gems featuring Ken Swift (USA), world popping champion 2007, Salah (France) and last year’s closing act, MyoSung (Korea)


Starting at Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention continued to tour the UK.

Breakin' Convention 2009 Review

Read the review for Breakin’ Convention 2009 >>

Breakin’ Convention 2009: Review articles

The show is now on tour and we were at the London leg, along with the pre-BC events, Future Elements and the Breakin’ Convention film night.

Plus, if you were at Sadler’s Wells over the weekend, see if you made the vox pops reel!


Future Elements and “The Rock” film night

Even before the big event conventions were broken. Read >>


Breakin’ Convention 2009

See what we thought of 2009’s show, plus vox pops! Read >>



Jonzi’s Diary 2009

Every day on the run up to Breakin’ Convention, we’ll be keeping a diary of Jonzi D on his travels prior to the big event. Read about where he goes, who he meets, and expect some humorous insights from the man responsible for creating Breakin’ Convention.

Jonzi D's Breakin' Convention Diary (Jonzi's Diary)


Salah talks about his piece. “The Dream of Gluby

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Salah Interview - Breakin' Convention - The Dream of Gluby


Ken Swift talks about his group piece, “Rockin’ It”

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Ken Swift interview - Breakin Convention - Rockin' It


Breakin’ Convention 2008

Review: Breakin’ Convention 2008

Ask someone what they thought of their first ever Breakin’ Convention and this is the kind of excitement you are guaranteed to get when they tell you!

Read >>


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Breakin’ Convention 2010 Interviews

Meet some of the performers:

Adiaspora - Interview with Vicki Igbokwe, choreographer

Goodfoot - Interview with Shak, dancer

Jane Sekonya-John - Interview with Jane, performer

Unity Youth - Interview with Tashan Muir, choreographer

Breakin’ Convention Pioneers week: Mr Wiggles

Breakin' Convention Pioneers - Mr Wiggles

Breakin’ Convention Pioneers are intensive week-long courses with the pioneers of breaking, locking and popping at Sadler’s Wells.

Mr Wiggles was the first of the 2009 Pioneers to teach boogaloo, popping and rocking in October, and we were at every single evening class. Want to know how it went?

Read our report >>